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Feel healthier and happier without diets

Rachel Fletcher BSc ANutr 

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About Me

Hello, I’m Rachel !
I’m an Associate Registered Nutritionist who helps people ditch the diets forever.
If you’re tired of diets, sick of yo-yo weight loss and gain and want to feel healthy without restriction, then you’re in the right place.

Work With Me

Spoiler alert - diets don't work in the long term. it's time to ditch them.

  • Fed up with restrictive diet plans that leave you hungry and unhappy ?

  • Anxious or stressed about your food choices ?

  • Do you struggle when socialising involves food ?

  • Are you an emotional eater and want some tips ?

Would you like to learn more about how your health isn't dictated by your weight ?

I offer a health at every size, non-diet approach to help my clients feel healthier and happier in their bodies without restrictive diets.

**NEW** Find Your Food Freedom programme 

I also offer talks and workshops to gyms, yoga studios, cafes and businesses who are looking to help their clients or employees with their nutrition.


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"I would highly recommend working with Rachel to achieve nutritional goals.

Rachel has an amazing knowledge about all aspects of nutrition and took time to understand what my goals are and also my lifestyle.

She helped me understand how to fuel my body properly, which made me feel fuller longer, more energised, happier and healthier".

1-2-1 client L.N.

"Rachel is a fantastic mentor, she listens and remembers. She doesn't judge or chastise, rather she offers rationales and encourages. She pitches at the right level, uses humour and experience to help make joint decisions about practical steps to try. I never realised that food choices are so deeply ingrained in our minds from early experiences and that our digestive systems are so closely aligned to our brains. 

I would highly recommend Rachel - you won't regret it".

1-2-1 client S.B.

"Rachel's advice has had a huge impact on me. I've learnt that making small, realistic changes can make a huge difference."

Client S.G

"Rachel gave us a talk on all things nutrition and making the right choices. Our clients loved it and found it very helpful".

Exertion Fitness, Mickleover, Derby

"Excellent zoom meeting with Rachel Fletcher this evening, very interesting well worth watching and very insightful. Loved the fuelling your workout information. Thank you so much".

D.T - attendee at nutrition workshop, held for members of a leading gym chain



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