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You're here because you're fed up with restrictive diets and yo-yo weight loss and gain. You're fed up with thoughts around food and your body taking up too much headspace and feeling miserable.

I can help you.

Through a health at every size and gentle nutrition approach, I specialise in helping you ditch the misery of those restrictive diets. I can help you feel good about yourself, repair your relationship with food and your body, to become happier and healthier without focussing on the scales.

One size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition so I'm here to help you achieve what healthy means to you.

If you're looking to make a change, I will help you with simple advice that is tailored to YOU to help you find your own healthy.

I offer 1-2-1 consultations online.

Prices for consultations:

  • 15 min discovery calls are free

  • £50 for 1 hour consultation, including follow up email, resources and check-ins

  • Packages available, including 4 x 1 hour sessions for £175 



***NEW*** Find Your Food Freedom Programme 

Ditch The Diet

Spoiler alert - diets don't work in the long term. it's time to ditch them.

  • Have you been on the rollercoaster of diets, losing weight, only for it all to come back on.....?

  • Fed up with restrictive diet plans that leave you hungry and unhappy ?

  • Feel like anxious or stressed about your food choices ?

  • Do you struggle when socialising involves food ?

  • Are you an emotional eater and want some tips ?

  • Would you like to learn more about how your health isn't dictated by your weight ?

On the Scales

Intuitive Eating

I trained with the London Centre for Intuitive Eating to apply Intuitive Eating approaches with clients. I can work with you to improve your relationship with food and feel healthier both physically and mentally.

  • Learn how to tune into your hunger and fullness cues

  • Ditch the emotional and physical rollercoaster of dieting

  • Put an end to feeling stressed or anxious about food choices

  • Enjoy social occasions and eating out with friends and family

  • Stop feeling like you have to punish your body at the gym to compensate for eating that burger or cake

  • Improve your body image and confidence

  • **NEW** Find Your Food Freedom programme

I now offer a specialist programme where I work with you for eight 1-2-1 sessions, with additional activities, resources and between session support, guiding you to become an intuitive eater. 

Tea Time

Lifestyle Nutrition

  • Are you looking to improve your diet but don't know where to start ?

  • Are you vegetarian or vegan and want to check you're getting the nutrients you need ?

  • Want to know how diet changes can improve your blood pressure or cholesterol ?

  • Are you feeling bloated and want to improve your gut heath ?

  • Are you menopausal and wondering how diet can help ?

  • Do you want to feel more energised and reduce that afternoon slump ?

  • Would you like to learn how food can help support your immune system ?

Super Health Food

Sports/Performance Nutrition

Whatever exercise you enjoy, I can provide nutrition advice to help you perform and recover better.

  • Do you feel tired when exercising ?

  • Are you training for a running/cycling/triathlon/CrossFit event ?

  • Do you want to increase your muscle mass ?

  • Do you suffer from gut issues when on long runs ?

  • Want to know if you're drinking enough, or if you need sports gels ?

  • Are you wondering if supplements would enhance your performance ?

Sports Shoes

Nutrition Talks & Workshops

I offer talks and workshops to gyms, yoga studios, cafes and wellness businesses who wants their clients to learn how nutrition can enhance their performance and wellbeing. 

I also offer the same to any businesses who would be interested in improving their employees health and wellbeing.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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